How do we measure the well-being of our state? One often overlooked indicator is voter registration and participation in elections. Much the same way that diet and exercise is important to a healthy body, active engagement in democratic processes are crucial to thriving communities that function for everyone.

By providing a resource that facilitates conversations about improving the civic health in our state along with quick and easy access to data, research, analysis, and technical assistance, we can take on one of the toughest challenges facing Kansas today. We can work together to help Kansas communities improve their civic health and help our citizens become more aware of and involved in elections and governance.

What is “civic health?”

Civic health measures of the well-being of a community, state, or nation by analyzing the engagement of citizens in their communities and in solving community concerns. As civic health increases within a community, so does resilience and effective governance, making communities better places to live, work, and grow.

How can data help improve civic health?

Data is powerful. It can show us where we’ve been and where we need to go. Information provided here can identify areas of focus, track progress, and measure impact, including new voter registrations and participation in elections. Data can help hold us all accountable for reaching and involving everyone in our state as we work towards improving civic health.